Multi-Engine Land Training


Multi Engine Training

Multi-engine aircraft are wonderful traveling tools. They are the next step up in performance and utility from high performance single engine aircraft. The training and experience will elevate your flying to a new level. Students during the first flight tend to be overloaded and way behind the aircraft. The panel and the controls are more complicated  to what you have been accustomed to. Our first flight will be relatively low stress from a flying perspective to give you the time to find controls and instruments. and to get a feel for the airplane.    We will experience a little single engine work and get accustomed to the speed of the plane.

One of the beautiful things about the Twin Comanche is that it has the performance of a medium high performance single. It is a relatively simple plane for a twin. It has simple systems and simple procedures.  Your check-ride will be about multi-engine and complex airplanes and less about the airplane if you are working on a private or commercial add on rating.


  • Twin Comanche Familiarization and Check-out (4 Hours)

  • Private Multi-Engine Rating (8-10 Hours)

  • Commercial Multi-Engine Rating (6-11 Hours)

  • Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (2-12 Hours)

  • Multi-Engine Instructor Rating (6-8 Hours)

  • Multi-Engine Currency (As Needed)

  • Wings Training



$450 / Hour (one hour minimum)  (Includes Instructor, Fun, and Fuel)

What to Bring to the Training

  • Valid US Single Engine Private or Commercial Airplane Certificate

  • Thorough Knowledge of the Training Materials

  • Passport or US Driver's License or Military ID

  • Current Logbook

  • Current Medical (FAA/ Military) or BasicMed Qualification

What to Bring to the Checkride

                           OnLine Ground School

Need a gift certificate.   Call us and we will get you setup.

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