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We have owned this 1965 PA23 Piper Aztec since December 2020. It is full of potential and utility for WaterWings. It burns around 14 gallons an hour (per side) at around 170kts. We are perfectly comfortable in night and IFR conditions having two engines to quell the concerns about losing an engine. We have all heard of twin-engine planes losing an engine only to have the other engine take its passengers to the scene of the crash. This is why we continue to train. 

This particular Aztec has been located at Shelby County Airport. for many years. It has passed through a few hands, yet it has been extremely well taken care of. This is shown in the details. It was painted just over a decade ago, and given a fresh leather interior.

Piper Aztecs began as Stinsons. They were versions of the Twin Stinson, with a single tail. Originally equipped with 150hp O-320s and called Apaches. They were listed for sale in 1954. In 1960 Piper released the Aztec. It is a stretched version of the Apache, now equipped with Lycoming O-540 engines rated at 250hp. In 1962 longer noses were added for more storage. Additionally, this model came with 6 seats, and optional fuel injection and turbochargers. This was known as the Aztec B model. Through more development, the C model came equipped with fuel injection standard. Later models had small changes such as a longer nose to fit a larger radar antenna, or standard turbochargers and oxygen systems. 

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