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Unusual Attitude, Upset, and Spin Training

I became interested in aerobatics about 15 years ago.    I had done most things in aviation but aerobatics was a mystery to me.   Why would I ever want to be upside down in an aircraft.    The fact is any of us can end up upside down unexpectedly.   If you found yourself suddenly upside down because of wake turbulence or some such malady of the air, what would you do?   Continue to roll through it or  pull the yoke to pull yourself through it?    Pulling the yoke at that time is one of the best ways to destroy an airplane.   We call that a "Split-S".   If you pull at this time the nose will fall through the horizon and airspeed will build at an alarming rate.    If you have the presence of mind to pull the throttle, then you just might save your wings.    So... the right answer is to continue the roll through the adventure.

This is just one of the situations that you might get into and having the knowledge, skill, and wherewithal to escape any of these situations will add confidence and safety to your pilot toolbox.    It is way easier to keep a clear head and make good decisions dealing with a situation when you have been there and dealt with it before.

Spins are another issue that sometimes strike terror in pilots.    Again once you understand the aerodynamics involved and the simple procedure to escape then it simply becomes another problem to solve or another maneuver to perform.    If you get into a spin, whether intentional or unintentional, simply complete the maneuver and recover.

Our plane is a 2006 American Champion Super Decathlon.    It has a 180hp aerobatic Lycoming engine that knows how to feed itself oil upright or inverted.   The aircraft knows how to provide the engine with fuel in all attitudes for several minutes.   It is a very easy and nimble aircraft.    I am particularly fond of a window that can remain open all the way from start, to taxi, to climb.   It must be closed if we are to exceed 130mph which is unlikely unless we are doing some aerobatics, then it must be shut, but by then we are at a cool altitude anyway.

We look forward to showing you the basics of unusual attitudes in a safe and comfortable manner.

International Aerobatics Club (IAC)

FAA Regulations on Aerobatic Flight FAR 91.303

FAA Stall And Spin Awareness Training

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Pricing $375 per hour (1 hour minimum)

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