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We added the Super Decathlon to our training fleet a few years ago.   It is a 2006 model 8KCAB made by the American Champion Aircraft Company.   We looked at a number of candidate aircraft before we singled out the Super Decathlon, but they all had limitations than just did not work for us in central Alabama.   We wanted a plane that was truly a good training aircraft.  Not too easy, not too hard, not too powerful, not too weak, not too expensive, not too hot in the summer, not too beat up from hard acro, not one that can't fly at night.  The Super Decathlon fills all of these and turns out to be a pretty excellent aircraft for reasonable aerobatics.   It is a delight to fly, It has an open-able window for the warmer months, it has lights for night, it has inverted fuel and oil and a symmetrical wing for flying upside down.   


As our usual plan works...   We like to gain a little experience before we do any training, so we flew the plane for over a year and got some good experience and training from good instructors before we began offering training ourselves.   Aerobatics is a fine art if executed by a skilled individual, it takes time to get there.    It also takes patience and dedication.   One must take small steps into this new world of flying outside the lines.

Come fly our Super Decathlon and learn some of the joys of unusual flight attitudes, spins and some basic aerobatics.

You may fear getting airsick flying these maneuvers.    This is a valid fear.    The human body was not designed to spin or be hung upside down or to pull a bunch of positive and negative "G"s.    This is just something that can be gotten used to by most people by just doing it and getting accustomed to it.    When you fly with us and you start feeling "green" we will simply stop for a bit.   If it gets better we can continue.   If not, no harm done.   We will attack it again another day.    Our goal is to introduce regular human pilots to new experiences.   I have talked to too many pilots that have been turned off by instructors or acro pilots that just want to show off their skills by making their passengers sick.    This should be a fun new experience.   Getting airsick is just not fun, and too many would be acro-pilots are turned off to the whole experience by one bad flight.

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