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Helicopter Training

Our helicopter is a 2006 Model Robinson R44 Raven II air-conditioned instrument trainer. It is capable of carrying 4 people at 110kts in air-conditioned comfort using around 15 gallons an hour of fuel. Robinson blew the curve for piston helicopters when it came out with the R22 Trainer, and then it blew the curve again when the much more capable and functional R44 was introduced. Never had helicopters been more affordable and reliable. We are offering private, commercial, instrument, CFI, ATP, and R44 transition training in this awesome machine.

Flying helicopters is a remarkable experience. Who among us was not in awe when Charlie pushed the red button in the Wonkavator, well a helicopter can do most of what the Wonkavator can do and probably a few extra tasks. It is truly a point to point method of travel if you have a good landing spot that you have control over or at least permission to land on. The view from the helicopter is unparalleled.

Getting the rating is pretty easy. If you are already an airplane pilot, you need a minimum of only 30 hours. Call us an we will get you started.

SFAR 73...You must have this training and an instructor endorsement before you can touch the controls of an R22 or R44 helicopter.

SFAR 73 Training Video

Ratings Offered

  • Helicopter Private

  • Helicopter Commercial

  • Helicopter ATP (Airline Transport Pilot)

  • Helicopter Instrument Rating

  • Helicopter CFI  (Certified Flight Instructor)

  • Helicopter CFII (Certified Instrument Flight Instructor)


FAA Documents​​

Pricing  $600/hr  one hour minimum

Robinson Documents​​

Need a gift certificate. Give us a call or email.  We will get you setup.

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