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Our Cub was born in 1939, a time when Hitler was waging war against Europe. U-Boats were sinking ships and general unrest was plaguing the world. Its original papers were signed by Walter Jamouneau, who was one of the principal designers of the J3 and the Chief Engineer of Piper Aircraft Corp at the time.


It weighed 626 pounds at birth and carried a 50 hp Frankin engine with a single magneto. It's original purchase price was $1313.00. It did not even have a tailwheel. When it was born it only had a tail skid. It was originally sold to Southern Air Services in Louisiana and it apparently was wrecked in a ground loop in Pittsburgh, PA. on its delivery flight to Louisiana, which required a new right wing, struts, and a propeller. In December of 1941 it received its first actual tailwheel. It received it's first new engine, a Lycoming 65hp, in 1946 at New Orleans Airport. In 1951 it got a 75hp engine, new fabric, and it became a floatplane. In 1960 the plane was declared scrapped or destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1968 with new everything, even new metal spar wings and an 85hp Continental engine, in 1968 while living in Rolling Fork, Ms. In 1985 the previous owner to me, bought the plane and kept it in Greenwood, Ms.


We bought it in March of 2006 and I have loved and cared for it ever since. We changed out the antique Eisemann magnetos, similar to ones I saw in the EAA museum at Oshkosh, and we changed out the antique carburetor for a more modern one with mixture control and an accelerator pump in 2007. We also replaced the troublesome and expensive Goodrich brakes and 8x4 wheels and tires with 8x6 Cleveland wheels and disc brakes. All of these things greatly improved the fly-ability of the plane without changing the look or feel. The plane has been great to fly and leaps off the ground in an amazingly short time. It was still "climb challenged", especially when hot and heavy. I just bought it a new engine upgraded to 100 hp from Don's Dream Machines. Come fly this piece of history and see what REAL flying is all about.


  • Horsepower: 85

  • Gross Weight: 1220 lbs

  • Top Speed: 76 kts

  • Empty Weight: 781 lbs

  • Cruise Speed: 65 kts

  • Fuel Capacity: 12.00 gal

  • Stall Speed (dirty): 33 kts

  • Range: 130 nm



  • Take Off Ground Roll: 370 ft

  • Landing Ground Roll 290 ft

  • Take Off Over 50 ft obstacle: 730 ft

  • Landing Over 50 ft obstacle: 470 ft

  • Rate Of Climb: 450 fpm 

  • Ceiling: 11500 ft

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