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The Super Petrel LS

In February of 2021 WaterWings has welcomed a Super Petrel LS to the family. The aircraft boasts a useful load of almost 600lbs. the powerplant is rated at 100hp which provides great performance and reliability. This one is the 37th model registered in the States, with around 384 worldwide. The endurance is estimated to be 6 hours on a full tank of fuel (24 usable gallons). 

The Super Petrel aircraft are manufactured in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From there the airframes are loaded onto a shipping container where they take the slow boat to Ormond Beach, Florida. Upon arrival, the aircraft generally take about a week to clear U.S. customs. Finally, the team at Super Petrel USA assembles the parts and pieces to provide the customer with a complete and fresh airplane. From order to flight the entire process takes about 3-4 months. 

The sport version has a maximum climb rate of 1000 ft/min, a glide ratio of 10:1, and boasts endurance of 6 hours. Takeoff can be accomplished in as little as 394 feet off the water and 262 feet from a hard surface runway. Landing distances are equally as impressive managing not to exceed 400 feet. More specifications can be found here.

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