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AirCam MES Ratings 

The AirCam


The AirCam is multi engine experimental amateur-built aircraft that flies low and slow with the safety of multiple engines and plenty of horsepower.  Flying the AirCam is a remarkable open air experience.   You sit out if front of and on top of most of the airframe yielding unencumbered views of the world around you.   The motorcycle like windshield blocks the majority of the wind giving you a ride that even allows you to wear a ball cap while flying.   Lockwood Aircraft sells the kits to build an AirCam.

The Rules

The FAA is very strict on the rules about how you can get or give instruction in an experimental aircraft.    WaterWings is one of the very very few schools that has a LODA (Letter of Deviation Authority) to provide Multi Engine Sea Training in the Aircam. 


The Floats

Our AirCam is equipped with Clamar Amphibious floats.   These floats are composite and all electric except for the brakes.


AirCam Land Take off and Water Landing

AirCam Taxi and Water Take off

AirCam Water Take off

AirCam Water Landing



      Main Fuel Capacity           28 gallons

      Auxiliary Fuel Capacity    20 gallons

      Fuel Burn                            7 gallons / hour

      Endurance                          6 hours

      Range @ 70 mph          420  miles

      Length                              27  feet

      Wingspan                         36  feet

      Height on Floats              13  feet 6 inches

Engines  2x Rotax 912uls

       4 Cylinder Horizontally Opposed Water Cooled

       100 horsepower Each

       2 Warp Drive Composite Fixed Pitch Propellers


       Maximum Speed            100 mph

       Cruise Speed                   50-100 mph

       Smooth Air                     100 mph

       Normal                        50-85 mph

       Stall                                   39 mph

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Need a gift certificate.   Call or email us and we will get you setup.

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