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2018 Lockwood Aircam

2018 Lockwood Aircam


N58MN Was built in 2018.   It has 2 912uls engine with Warp Drive Props

Front and Rear Garmin G3X Displays with Sirius XM, ADS B

Heated Seats

Bose and Standard Headset Outlets

USB Charging ports in both cockpits

Heavy Duty Float attach points (No flying wires)

Dual Electric water rudders

Extended boarding rail

Just had 5 year hose replacement on both engines

10 gallons auxiliary fuel in both floats

14 gallons main fuel

Gear operational from both cockpits

Flaps and Trim actuated from both cockpits

Rear Enclosure with removable doors

Annual done 3/1/23  At 582.6

Transponder and Pitot Static done 4/28/22



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