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WaterWings Checkride Checklist


  1. Be prepared by studying the materials from the website

    • POH and any Supplemental Materials

    • Check ride Questions

    • Study Guide

    • Gleim Course

  2. Be familiar with the appropriate ACS or PTS

    • Know what items you will need to perform today from the ACS Matrix

    • It’s a good idea to print the matrix from the website.

  3. Be familiar with and ready to show the aircraft documents showing that the aircraft is legal and safe for flight.

    • Know all the items from the AVIATE mnemonic

      • Your instructor will show you the books and the airworthiness compliance sheet.

    • Know the current TACH time on the aircraft

      • On the Husky turn the master switch on and read the tach time off of the engine monitor under RPM

  4. Calculate Weight and Balance for you and your examiner and expected fuel on board and print this out.

  5. Have all documents ready to show that you are legal for flight today.

    • Proof of a Current BFR or Military Currency

    • Pilot Certificate

    • Medical (FAA,Military, or Basic Med)

    • Government Issued photo ID (usually a driver license or Passport or Military ID)

    • Your Logbook with your endorsements for the check ride

    • Have completed your IACRA application.

      • You will need your IACRA login

      • Your IACRA password.

      • Your FTN number.

  6. Documents for the checkride

    • Aircraft POH and  Supplemental Flight Manual Supplements (Husky) for reference and computing performance

    • AFD or Chart Supplement or current Foreflight

    • Current Sectional or current Foreflight

    • Airman Certification Standards or PTS for the rating being sought

    • Printout and Know the Matrix from the ACS illustrating the tasks that you must demonstrate for the checkride.

    • Any notes that you may have made during the ground school or ground study.

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