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Multi Engine Seaplane Ratings

Steps To A Multi Engine Sea Rating


  • Valid US Government Photo Id (Drivers License, Military Id, or Passport)

  • Valid FAA 3rd Class Medical or Higher or BasicMed Qualification

  • Valid FAA Multi Engine Airplane Land and Single Engine Sea Commercial or Higher Certificate

  • Current Logbook for sign-offs and showing a current BFR



The Commercial MES Rating in the 1946 Grumman Widgeon runs $8000 and includes instructor, fuel, checkride, and all that nostalgia.  The MES ATP rating runs at the $1500 hourly rate with a $1000 checkride fee.  You must already have the ATP MEL rating and be close to the 50 hour ATP minimum "in class" time before coming to train for the ATP MES.   We do offer time building in the AirCam towards the 50 hour minimum.

Special rates and conditions apply for instruction at sites other than Shelby Co Airport (KEET) .

Recurrency and extraneous flying @ $ 1500/hr (Widgeon). Minimum time 1 hour

1. Get your ground school done.

We highly recommend the Gleim Aviation Seaplane Add-on Rating Course for only $35.99.GLEIM SARC.   Your other option is to Buy & Read Notes of a Seaplane Instructor by Burke Mees:Order from ASA, Aircraft Spruce, or Amazon.

2. Print & Read all of the The Widgeon Training Guide (click here)

3.  Become familiar with the appropriate FAA Airman Certification Standards for the  Commercial Rating or the ATP Rating ..

3. Contact WaterWings to arrange an appointment.
Phone 205-651-7000 or e-mail

4. Paperwork: It is a good idea to have your 8710 Pilot Application (click here) completed either preferably through IACRA (click here) or the paper form (click here) For the aircraft type use GA-G-44A


5. Arrive & Fly on day one with comfortable clothes, an open mind and a desire for adventure.

6. Go to and schedule a checkride.   This is primarily to get all of your information for the checkride


7. Bring Pilot License, Driver License, Logbook, Medical, W/B, 32G-64G Sd Card or Memory Stick for Videos.


Course Description

Day 1: Flight Lesson #1

First, a thorough pre-flight and discussion of differences in land vs. float planes. The flight will last 2 to 3 hours, focusing on:

  • Getting to know the airplane on water & in the air

  • Studying different types of water, landing opportunities, & characteristics of each

  • Lots of take-offs & landings

  • Bush Pilot techniques

Next, it’s time to take a breather for a few hours, or the evening—and get some food! You’ll have ground school over a meal if the timing works out; otherwise it will be done somewhere that’s convenient.

Day 2: Flight Lesson #2

  • Get answers to any questions from ground school

  • Polish the last lesson’s maneuvers

  • Add more complicated water maneuvers, plus crosswind and glassy water take-offs & landings.

If everything is in order you’ll take the checkride, which includes about an hour of oral and an hour of flight time with the flight examiner.



We highly recommend the GLEIM Seaplane Add-on Rating Course for only $35.99.GLEIM SARC

Or if you prefer to read a book: Buy & Read Notes of a Seaplane Instructor by Burke Mees:
Order from ASA
, Aircraft Spruce, or Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. I am due for a bi-annual flight review—will this count?

A. Yes, any additional rating will count as a biannual flight review as long as your current BFR has not expired.

Q. What should I bring?
A. Water shoes, shorts, cool clothes, your current medical certificate, government issued photo id, pilot certificate, and logbook.


Q. Are there any minimum requirements for the course?
A. We require at least a commercial multi engine land and a commercial single engine sea FAA pilot certificate,
a valid 3rd class medical or BasicMed Qualification, and a current BFR.

Q. What is the schedule of the course?
A. Optimally, during the summer, you should arrive to have 2-3 hours of training the first afternoon or evening. We do not train at night. You will have the evening to study and rest up. The next morning we will have another 2-3 hours of flying and we will arrange your appointment with the examiner. The schedule will be more flexible during the week when there is less boat traffic, and during the non-summer months when boating traffic is minimal. The plane is comfortable in the cooler months.


Q. What kind of weather is required?
A. Basically VFR minimums and at least one session and the examination will require minimum ceilings of 2500 to 3000 feet at the airport for stalls and high work. The rest of the training will be low and require about 1000 feet at the airport. Wind should be less than 12kts for your training.

Q. Can I fly in?
A. The crew at Shelby County Aiport is very friendly, and have Jet-A and Avgas available at reasonable rates. Transportation can be arranged to and from the training site.


Q. Are hotels available nearby?
A. Hotels and restaurants are within a few miles of the airport.

Q. What can I do to improve the experience?
A. Come prepared with a positive attitude to have a fun day of learning on the water.


Q. What if I just can't get it?
A. If you are a reasonably proficient multi engine pilot you should have no insurmountable problems and really enjoy the experience, however, if it appears that you will need more time or possibly just some other arrangements, we will let you know as early as possible. By the same token after flight training has begun, if you are just not having any fun other arrangements can be made as well. Above all this should be a fun learning experience.   If you do not pass your checkride additional training beyond the 5 included hours will be charged at the hourly rate as will the aircraft usage during the checkride.

Q. What should I do to prepare ahead of time?
A. Y
ou should purchase "Notes of a Seaplane Instructor" from ASA, Aircraft Spruce, or Amazon. web sites, or wherever you choose or you can do the online Gleim Course. A good knowledge base ahead of time will allow you to concentrate on the flying portion of the journey.

Q. Can the training be done at another location?
A. Yes, but only after certain circumstances are met, and schedules allow.

Q. What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
A. 24 Hours notice is required to reschedule.

Q. What if the weather turns bad?
A. We will have to be flexible and deal with this will be a case-by-case basis. Check with, ForeFlight and whatever your favorite aviation weather sources in the days before the lesson.

Q. I am already a multi engine seaplane pilot and I just want to get checked out in the Widgeon and get current. What are the arrangements?
A. This can be arranged on an hourly basis. Solo flight is not permitted by our insurance.

Q. What is the hourly rate for an instructor and the plane?
A. Our hourly rate is $1500 for the Grumman Widgeon wet with a one hour minimum.

Q. Can I use my own seaplane?
A. Yes, provided our instructor is named on your insurance for the duration of training.


Need a gift certificate.   Call or email us and we will get you setup.

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